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Foods and beverages should taste good, of course. But some added goodness—like probiotics—can help them deliver feel-good results. And we’re not just talking about tapping into the gut health trend. We’re talking about tapping into what makes our bodies tick: gut health and immune health, both of which contribute to good health.

And good health is, well, good. As Probiotic & Enzyme people, we know DE111 delivers good.

DE111 is our proprietary version of the probiotic spore we lovingly refer to as B. sub. And while Bacillus subtilis has been around for some time, we keep studying it and uncovering how much more there is to love about it.

DE111 is a highly stable probiotic strain shown to support digestion and immune function, which contribute to our overall wellness.

DE111 supports

How might DE111 benefit your food or beverage product?

Because of its stability, DE111 works in a wide range of applications—including shelf-stable dry goods, HPP applications, and refrigerated and frozen items.

Food Applications and Formats

Bars | Snack Mixes | Fruit Snacks | Granola | Chips | Popcorn
Freeze-Dried Puffs | Nut Butters | Chocolate | Oatmeal
Pancake Mix | Condiments | Fruit and Veggie Pouches (HPP)

There’s more! Get in touch for a food application consultation.

Beverage Applications and Formats

Kombucha | Juices (HPP) | Wellness Shots | Smoothies
Coffee | Dry Tea | Ready-to-Mix Powders

And that’s just the beginning. Find out what DE111 can do for your beverage application.