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If it’s good enough for my pet, it’s good enough for me.

Today, people are treating their pets as good as—or better than—themselves. So, it’s no surprise that immunity supplements and probiotic-fortified pet foods are in demand. Cats, dogs, and other companion pets can benefit from Bacillus subtilis DE111 just like we humans do.

DE111 is a highly stable
probiotic strain
that supports digestion, regularity, and immune function by balancing gut microbiota.

DE111 is more than an ingredient, it’s a sign.

Leading pet supplement brands feature DE111 as an indicator of their products’ quality and efficacy. DE111 is highly stable. And stability supports efficacy. A spore-forming probiotic, DE111 crowds out bad bacteria in the gut and helps maintain microbiota balance.

How might DE111 benefit your pet nutrition formulation?

Because of its stability, DE111 works in the gut and in a wide range of products.

Pet nutrition Applications and Formats

Supplement Chews | Tablets and Capsules | Cold Extrusion Treats | Treat Chews
Refrigerated Food | Shelf-Stable Wet Food | Dry Food

As Probiotic & Enzyme people, Deerland often works alongside our customers for custom formulation needs. We work to understand your customer, your need, your formula, and your operation. And we work together to create a solution that works for you.