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Published Study: Functional Properties of Bacillus subtilis DE111

Collective research on the genetic and mechanistic abilities of the probiotic DE111® has been published in Frontiers of Microbiology.  This work, entitled “In vitro and in silico assessment of probiotic and functional properties of Bacillus subtilis DE111®”, supports the demonstration…

Human Clinical Study: DE111 Germinates in the Small Intestine

While probiotic spores can confer health benefits, it is believed that germination of the spores is required for some probiotic activity (i.e. short chain fatty acids, antimicrobial peptides, enzymes, etc.). A novel clinical trial in 11 ileostomy participants was conducted…

White Paper: Probiotics for Sports Nutrition

A healthy gut and an improved immune system are key factors to help overtake the competition. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, optimizing digestion and immunity are major factors as they strive to improve performance. Learn more about how Bacillus subtilis…

White Paper: Crack Open the Functional Beverage Market

Innovation for drinks used to mean new packaging or clever marketing. Now innovation means redesigning the drinks themselves. Beverages are being created to target specific health conditions. Crack open the functional beverage market with the right probiotic. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

White Paper: Chocolate + Probiotics

Delicious dark chocolate is a sweet delivery system for probiotics, and combining the two delivers a bounty of healthy benefits. Learn more about how Bacillus subtilis DE111 makes it possible to add probiotics to chocolates. download white paper