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Any probiotic can supply CFUs—and we agree, colony forming units are an important factor in formulation. But does the probiotic remain viable in processing and in the gut? Does it deliver more than a CFU count? Does it deliver results?

After all, results are WHY people take supplements.

At Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, we’re obsessed with measurable wellness. That’s why we’ve invested in more than 30 scientific studies to put DE111 to the test.

DE111 is a highly stable probiotic strain that supports digestion and immunity among adults and children, as well as performance and recovery among athletes, among other benefits.

In supplements, DE111 supports

How might DE111 benefit your supplement formulation?

Because of its stability, DE111 works in a wide range of applications, even without the need for refrigeration.

Supplement Applications

Gummies | Capsules | Tablets | Bulk Powder Blends
Stick Packs | Beverage Shots

Let’s talk about how DE111 can work for you.